Your home’s roof is its first line of defense against the elements of nature. Here in Oregon, that means rain – but also wind, ice, snow, and the occasional heat wave.

Over time, this constant exposure will cause some degree of damage. In the vast majority of cases, fixing problems as soon as possible when they arise will prevent further damage to the roof, chimney, skylights, and potentially the interior of your home.

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Other Parts of a Roof That Might Need Maintenance

The roof itself isn’t the only component that might fall into disrepair and need maintenance. Other areas might include leaks or damage to the:

How to Recognize a Roof Problem

Most of the time, the first indication of a roof problem homeowners notice is a leak. However, roof problems aren’t always so obvious: in many cases leaks can go undetected for months or years. If you notice gaps, cuts, or missing pieces of your roof flashing, your roof may be at risk for moisture damage. Other more easily noticeable roof problems might include missing shingles that were blown away in a storm.

Why Do Roofs Leak?

Roofs don’t always leak because of missing or damaged material. Sometimes the original installation of a roof wasn’t as good as it could have been – which usually results in standing water. Water which remains on your roof can lead to trapped moisture, which speeds up the deterioration of the roof. Standing water can usually be removed by replacing shingles or adding components to the roof, like a cricket on the chimney. Additionally, we’ve found that most homes don’t have proper ventilation. Improperly installed roof ventilation (as with an attic) can also cause damage and leaks.

How Does the Weather in Oregon Effect Roofs?

All weather has some degree of impact on your roof, but here in Oregon, our main concern is rain. When we get large bursts of rain, even high-grade roofing materials are susceptible to damage over time. This can result in many small leaks that allow water to get underneath the material. Tiles tend to offer the least amount of protection compared to other roofing materials like shingles.

In addition to rain, wind can also be responsible for roof damage. If the wind is strong enough, asphalt shingles – among the most common type – can be torn right off. This exposes the underlying material, and often a homeowner isn’t aware that a shingle was even missing until after a leak appears in the home.

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