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A truck parked in front of a house with a ladder.

Repairing Asphalt Shingles on Portland homes

By NwHomeExteriors | January 6, 2022

Many Portland homeowners rely on asphalt shingle roofs. Asphalt shingles are known to bedurable in the Northwest’s climate. They’re affordable as well. And, more and more, asphalt shingle roofs give homeowners different color and look options that they find appealing. With that said, repairs on your asphalt shingle roof can come out of nowhere. You…

A large house with two trucks parked in front of it.

Repairing Cedar Shake Roofs Throughout Portland

By NwHomeExteriors | December 15, 2021

At NW Home Exteriors, we want you to enjoy your cedar shake roofs for a very long time. We also do everything we can to keep a roof repair project as stress-free as possible. That includes making sure we solve your immediate repair needs and uncovering potential issues that might on the verge of becoming…

A room with many wooden beams and walls

Best Attic Ventilation

By NwHomeExteriors | April 19, 2021

Is it Time for an Attic Ventilation Renovation? Even though the longevity of a roof will depend on many factors, including the material used, the maintenance performed, and the presence of extreme weather events. There are a few common signs that you may need to renovate your attic. Signs that your attic may need to…

A green roof with moss growing on it.

Common Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof

By NwHomeExteriors | November 30, 2020

Are you unsure how old your roof is or even about the people who installed it in the first place? Whether your roof is ill-maintained, incorrectly installed, or has reached its final years, not taking the initiative to replace a roof can result in costly damage to your home. Many of the clues that you…

A person cleaning the gutters of their house

Should You Replace Gutters When Replacing a Roof?

By NwHomeExteriors | November 23, 2020

When you go through the process of replacing your home’s roof, it’s only natural to consider buying new gutters to go along with it. Many homeowners replace their gutters while they replace their roofs, which may make newer homeowners wonder if it’s necessary. As you contemplate roofing companies and make impactful decisions on your new…

A close up of the roof of a house

The Advantages of Using GAF Shingles

By NwHomeExteriors | November 6, 2020

When you’re picking out new shingles for your roof, you want to consider their quality, style, and price. GAF is well-known for supplying some of the most high-quality roofing materials in the United States and has put a roof on about a quarter of the country’s homes. Wondering what makes them stand out from all…