Creating the Ultimate Exterior Design in Your Outdoor Living Space

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Exterior Design Patio Cover

Outdoor living spaces have become a favorite exterior design element over the years. They may be anything from a simple sitting area where you can enjoy a garden of freshly planted flowers to a fully outfitted outdoor kitchen to help you entertain guests. Not only do they add beauty and functionality to your current living space, but they can protect and preserve the integrity of your existing structure. They also increase the value of your property.  NW Home Exteriors offers a variety of patio covers to help you create the perfect outdoor extension to your home.

Decide What the Space Will be Used For

First, you need to decide just how you’ll use this outdoor living area to determine not only the design but also the size of your space. Take a considerable amount of time to decide how you would like to utilize your patio area. Perhaps you enjoy entertaining family and friends regularly, or you seek a quiet space to get away to read a book or drink a cup of coffee. Maybe you own a commercial property that you would like to add a gazebo for outdoor weddings or a pergola to provide outdoor seating for your customers.  Once you determine how you’d want to use your outdoor space, you can begin to choose the materials which will work best in that space.

If you envision barbecuing and entertaining guests, then you will need a space large enough to accommodate furniture and maybe a grill or refrigerator. Or you might desire a simple little nook for tending flowers and herbs which will occupy only a few square feet.  The staff at NW Home Exteriors wants to help you design a space that suits your needs. They will help you determine the best materials to use to carry out your vision on a budget that will help you to make your idea come to life.

Select Your Building Materials

There is a wide variety of building materials available for your outdoor living space, from pavers to tile to natural stone. Each element has its unique properties which may lead you to choose one over another.  Whether you are starting from the ground up or have an existing patio that you’d like to add a patio cover too, it’s important to consider the look, function, and durability of the materials you choose to achieve the most appropriate use of space.

Brick is a popular choice, in part because it’s now available in a rainbow of colors. Because temperatures and moisture can vary wildly in the Pacific Northwest, you will want to make sure that you use patio brick instead of structural block because it is less porous.

Pavers are another excellent, economical choice when it comes to a patio material. Typically, these are made from concrete or clay and come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. They are also widely available, relatively inexpensive and installation is simple and straightforward.

Or choose stone and tile. A stone patio is environmentally friendly and gives a luxurious natural look with an attractive, somewhat uneven surface. Tile is beautiful but may become slippery when wet, which may or may not be a concern depending on the location of your outdoor space.

NW Home Exteriors can help you choose materials for your patio covering including vinyl, aluminum, louvered, wood and retractable options. These choices depend on your current home or commercial structure, intended use and the amount of space you require to achieve your outdoor living goals.  Our project consultants oversee each job from the sale to the material ordering, installation and follow up after the job is complete. Our experienced team of design specialists helps you to create a mix of beauty and functionality to achieve precisely what you are looking for.  It’s our mission to make every homeowner, builder, property manager or developer feel like they’re our only customer from the day you sign with us until the day the job is done.

Consider the Landscape Outdoor Design Lake Oswego

Take into consideration the landscape that your patio will occupy and try to work with the natural layout of your space. For example, if you start laying down pavers at your home’s entryway and they end abruptly next to the patio tiles, it may look awkward. You can prevent this by using materials like gravel or mulch to help graduate the transition from one design element to the next.

Softening the edges and borders of the patio can also bring you closer to nature. Instead of a fence, consider putting in a trellis as a way of encouraging flowering vines to climb and grow. If you desire an opaque border, placing the trellis slats closer together will help denser growth for better privacy.

Also, consider your desired level of privacy. If you have limited backyard space due to bordering nearby properties, this is something to plan for carefully. There are plenty of ways to create an attractive partition including fences, tall shrubs, trees, a hedgerow or flowers.  It can also be accomplished using a properly placed choice of patio covering.

Done right, your new patio will be a place you’ll enjoy and designing and building it can be fun.  Choosing a professional company with longevity and a reputation for providing quality, warrantied work is an integral part of the building process.  NW Home Exteriors is here to help you to create a mix of beauty and functionality to achieve precisely what you are looking for.  It’s our mission to make every homeowner, builder, property manager or developer feel like they’re our only customer from the day you sign with us until the day the job is done.



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