The Ultimate Guide to Exterior Painting

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So, you’ve decided that your home’s exterior has had enough. You know that you don’t want to tackle painting it yourself – for the sake of time and quality – and you’re ready to find the best exterior painting company in the Pacific Northwest.  We all know the value of a quality paint job comes from the length of time that it lasts (our paint jobs are 10 to 15 years on average). We’re glad you’re here! Here’s the ultimate guide to exterior painting. This guide includes what questions you need answering and what assurances you need to move forward with confidence. Let’s begin…

Is your contractor local and highly reviewed?

There are many reasons to choose a truly local company and not a franchise of a large chain. We’ve expanded on these in the past but the most important thing to a homeowner is the reviews. In our example, we’re multi-year winners of Angie’s List superior service award. Honest reviews from others are the greatest assurance you can find that you’re choosing the right company.

Does your vendor provide consultations?

Many smaller outfits want to pitch you a hand full of colors they have in bulk, or second-rate paint to save money. We offer full-color consultations for all our customers, and we use only the highest quality paint.

Is there an extensive prep process in place?

Many companies come in and paint as fast as they can, and then move on to the next job. Others run two separate crews. One to take care of any wood rot or damage, and to completely clean and prep the surface. This includes scraping, priming, caulking, pressure washing and anything else needed for a perfect exterior We carefully mask all non-painted surfaces to ensure an accident-free environment. As the homeowner, you’ll get to completely inspect the property before painting begins, and again after we’ve applied a second coat and sprayed/back rolled everything to ensure it reaches the substrate.

Do you get a reliable warranty?

The reason good companies aren’t afraid to put a good warranty in place is that they know their work will hold up to the test of time. We warranty all our work, which is clearly outlined before you sign on the dotted line. It’s our promise to you that you’ll love your new home’s look!

Are referrals of past customers available?

Any good house painter will have a list of happy homeowners that they’ve worked with in the past. Check Angie’s List or even the company website to see what others have to say before hiring a contractor.

Does the company use sub-contractors?

A professional painting company will have its own full-time employees work on your home. Many others will use sub-contractors. Not only does this compromise the potential quality of work…it can be a liability as well. For example, we carry workers compensation and $2 million in liability insurance. If you’re using a sub-contractor, you may find yourself in legal trouble if there’s an injury on your property. More importantly, our employees treat your home as theirs. We take pride in your landscaping, outdoor furniture, and all your possessions just like they were ours.

Are they qualified for your unique home?

If you live in an older home, make sure your vendor is certified through the EPA for their RRP (Renovations, Repair, and Painting) program. It ensures that repair and restoration companies know how to deal with lead-based paint, among other things. Also, if your home has a unique build or exterior, you need to make sure your chosen vendor knows how to work with it. We use the best coatings on the market, and we have the knowledge of what product to put on various surfaces.
Choosing the right exterior house painter hasn’t always been an easy task. There are so many to choose from, and all performing (at some level or another), the same service. However, there are miles of difference between a one-man weekend painting company and professional craftsmen that have spent decades dealing with exteriors of fine homes in Oregon. If you want great results and an exterior that you can be proud of, contact us today!

Once you know what you want to see in your home, it’s time to call in a painter. You can do it on your own, true. But consider the upfront costs of materials and tools. Then there’s your time. You likely only have one or two days a week free. Do you want to spend them working, or would you rather have someone do it for you? Lastly, think about what happens if you make a mistake. If you did the job on your own, it’s up to you to get it fixed. Here at NW Home Exteriors, we do our projects right the first time and stand by our results.



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