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At NW Home Exteriors, we think that painting is the easiest way to make a difference in your home – especially if the painting is done by a quality contractor. We know how much you value your home, and we do too, which is why we love sharing our painting tips with you and the rest of Oregon! Whether you have already decided on beginning a painting project or are just looking for a way to freshen up your home a bit, consider the following reasons of why a quality painting service could be exactly what your home needs! Our professional painters excel in quality painting services, excellent customer service, and prompt and clear communication.

Why Repaint Now

PaintingIn addition to protecting your home, new paint will also dramatically increase its curb appeal – a great benefit whether or not you’re considering selling. You’ll love the look of your home, and so will your neighbors.

At NW Home Exteriors, we want to provide the best possible painting services possible, and that also means protecting the rest of your property from damage. We take every measure necessary to prevent paint spills and splashes, and by the time we finish your exterior painting job, your home will look brand new.

Exceptional Painting Knowledge

We can make suggestions on what kind of paint, staining, or sealers to use to help protect your home from the extreme moisture we have here in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas – painting, sealing, and staining parts of the exterior of your home will protect it from our occasionally harsh winters, prevent termites, and even mitigate the buildup of mold and mildew.

Oregon and Southwest Washington exist in a unique climate. The weather varies from extremely rainy from autumn through spring, to very hot in the summer. Your paint has to withstand extreme variations of temperature and moisture level, year after year. Fortunately for you, we know just where and how to get the right material for each job.

Your Premiere Painting Contractor

Painting Service Partners

NW Home Exteriors uses Sherwin Williams paint, one of the most respected names in the industry. Their durable paints hold up to both monsoon season and the summer heat wave. We have a very strong relationship with this vendor. We put this to work for you, getting a discount on materials to pass the savings along to you.

Call in a Painting Contractor

Exterior PaintingOnce you make the decision to paint your home, it’s time to call NW Home Exteriors. You can do it on your own, true. But consider the upfront costs of materials and tools. Then there’s your time. You likely only have one or two days a week free. Do you want to spend them working, or would you rather have someone do it for you? Lastly, think about what happens if you make a mistake. If you did the job on your own, it’s up to you to get it fixed. NW Home Exteriors guarantees our projects are done right the first time and stand by our results.

Quality Exterior Painting Services

The team at NW Home Exteriors prides itself on making the home improvement process as simple as possible. We offer free estimates and schedule an appointment with you to discuss your needs and desired outcome. Unlike other companies, we will inspect your property in person to ensure that we have a full scope of the work involved. After the inspection, we will prepare a written proposal that includes all options and present it to you for approval.  We guarantee quality and satisfaction with all our home improvement services.


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