How To Choose a Roofing Contractor

How To Choose a Roofing Contractor
The roof is an essential part of a home, as it provides shelter for everyone inside. Because a roof is so imperative, homeowners must do their part in ensuring proper installation. Now, we’re not telling you to get on the roof and start doing it yourself because most people don’t know how to properly lay a roof. On the flipside, there are a lot of contractors who don’t know what they’re doing either, which puts you in a bit of a conundrum. Do you try and learn roofing yourself? No, that’d be absurd. Do you hire a contractor in your area merely because you’ve heard the name? Possibly, but that may not be a good idea, either. Luckily, we’re roofing professionals, and we’re going to break down what makes a roofing company great. In other words, if you’re wondering how to choose a roofing contractor, we’ve got you covered. Read our comprehensive guide below for more information.

Look for Experience and Customer Testimonials

The most reliable way to find a dependable roofer is through word of mouth, reviews, and customer testimonials—or, ideally, a combination of the three. If you can’t find reviews of the company on Google, Yelp, or Facebook, you might want to reconsider using that contractor. The reason is that little to no reviews could have several meanings. The first meaning is probably the best-case scenario: the company may be new and hasn’t completed a lot of jobs yet—everyone starts somewhere. The second meaning is they’re not a company at all—it’s just some guy trying to make money (more on this later). Finally, you might not find reviews on a company if they’ve consistently received poor reviews and the company tries to remove reviews online.

Seek Manufacturer Partnerships

A great roofing company will have manufacturers on their side. Customers can read manufacturer partnerships as seals of approval for a couple of reasons. First, roofing companies must meet the manufacturer’s minimum requirements in order to be considered for the partnership. Remember, the manufacturer doesn’t want to partner with contractors that don’t know what they’re doing because it’ll look bad on them. Once the manufacturer determines the roofing company meets their requirements, the roofing company can show their partnership on their website. While there are several popular roofing manufacturers, some are still better and more prestigious than others. One of the best manufacturers is GAF—so, keep an eye out for contractors that partner with GAF during your research.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Never Fails

In addition to other reviews, testimonials, and endorsements, the Better Business Bureau is a reliable source of information. For decades, a positive BBB rating has been one of the most sought-after endorsements for businesses. Everyone has a different definition of what counts as a good BBB rating and what doesn’t. In general, if a roofer has anything less than a B-, you should probably run. As we discussed previously, your roof is crucial to your home—you can’t afford anything less than an A+ job. Luckily, NW Home Exteriors proudly has an A+ rating from the BBB.

Ask About Their Insurance

Insurance is non-negotiable when working with a roofing contractor to protect yourself; not to mention, a contractor with insurance demonstrates professionalism. Even if a roofing contractor has great reviews and an A+ BBB rating, accidents happen. If the contractor accidentally damages your home further or gets hurt on your property and doesn’t have insurance, they may attempt to go after you financially. Additionally, if the contractors damage a different part of your home and don’t have insurance, you may have a difficult time getting the financial return you deserve. In other words, a fully insured contractors shows that they take their business seriously and respect you.

Take the Contractor’s Professionalism Into Perspective

Regardless of the home project, you need a contractor who’s professional and responsible. When you’re calling different contractors for quotes, take note of their professionalism. Does the contractor return your calls? Do they provide a quote in a timely manner? Additionally, once the contractor arrives at your home, consider their attitude and social skills. You don’t have time to deal with a contractor who gives the impression that they don’t want to be there—give your business elsewhere. You also want someone who’s friendly and easy to work with. There’s nothing more frustrating than working with a contractor who can’t arrive on time, doesn’t act like they want to be there, and demonstrates no sense of urgency.

Monitor the Contractor’s Selling Techniques and Be Wary About Pricing

Asking for the sale is a vital part of the selling process, but there’s a fine line between asking for the sale and being pushy. If the contractor is using high-pressure sales tactics, you should run because they probably are desperate for the sale which usually means they aren’t reliable. Some examples of high-pressure sales tactics include asking you to agree on the spot or mentioning the price on the quote is only good for 24 hours. You should always be cautious when it comes to price. Of course, you want a good price; however, if someone offers you a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is. You shouldn’t let price choose the contractor who’s going to work on your roof. You deserve a great contractor that offers a fair price.

Finally, if your area recently had a bad storm roll through, you can count on the “we were in the neighborhood†contractors knocking on your door. These contractors typically don’t offer good work and they’re merely looking to make a quick sale. You shouldn’t waste your time with the door-to-door contractors because, more often than not, they’re not insured, experienced, or rated highly. Ultimately, learning how to choose a roofing contractor comes down to doing your research and knowing what to look for. If you remember to look for reviews, a promising BBB review, and insurance, you should be in good shape.

For those of you in or around Lake Oswego and Portland, NW Home Exteriors is the leading residential roofing contractor. Our team has experience in replacing and repairing roofs, and we always provide top-notch work. We partner with GAF, have a positive BBB review, and have excellent reviews from our past customers. If you’d like a free proposal or have questions, give us a call today. We look forward to working with you.

How To Choose a Roofing Contractor