Church Roofing.

Churches are busy places – especially on Sunday. The roof for a church is of vital importance to protect parishioners from leaks and drafts, not to mention the rest of the building itself.

NW Home Exteriors can perform church roofing services in the Portland, Oregon region and all surrounding areas. Our roof installations come with a 50 year warranty – protecting your church for decades to come – and will be installed by our special commercial roofing team. While we understand that churches aren’t commercial operations, many of the same code regulations that apply to commercial buildings are requirements for churches. Since commercial regulations are much different than the residential code, we put the right team on the job.

As GAF certified roofers, the experts at NW Home Exteriors have the experience and knowledge necessary to install or repair a church roof, big or small. In addition to the roofing itself, we offer a variety of ventilation services. The roof ventilation system in a church is important because if the intake/outtake ratio isn’t roughly equal, moisture can easily accumulate and damage the lifespan of the roof – not to mention a great ventilation system will save energy costs, keeping parishioners cool in the summer and warm during our colder months.

If you and your church would like to learn more about how NW Home Exteriors can be of assistance, please contact us today at 503-854-7200.

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