Composition Roof Cleaning.

Cedar shake is excellent roofing material. This tried-and-true roofing material has been used for centuries because of its impressive reliability – but only if the homeowner maintains it. Part of maintaining your cedar shake roofing material is having it regularly cleaned.
The moment you spot any of the following, it’s probably time for a professional cleaning:

  • Mold
  • Fungus
  • Lichen
  • “Zebra” stripes (white and/or black stripes)

The Process

In addition to cleaning your composition roof the right way, we’ll also make sure to protect the rest of your home. We’ll use tarps to cover sensitive areas of your exterior, and before we leave, we’ll make sure to wash the exterior of your home, including the walls, siding, windows, and everything else.

We’ll protect ourselves too – our trained and certified professional roof cleaners are all required to wear safety gear up to OSHA standards.

Full Inspection

Before we clean your roof, we’ll perform a full inspection to see if any materials need to be replaced, and once we’re done, we’ll clean and flush your gutters.

For an example of how NW Home Exteriors can help you maintain your composition roof with a gentle, warranty-safe cleaning take a look at the video on this page. If you’re ready to learn more, please feel free to call us at 503-854-7200 or email us here.

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