Composition Roof Moss Removal.

Moss can dramatically reduce the expected lifespan of composition roofing materials – which is normally quite long. Here in Oregon, we get a lot of rain and dampness. Couple that with shade from nearby trees, and you’ve got a recipe for invasive moss growth.

If you’re noticing moss starting to grow on your roof, odds are it’s time to have it removed and prevented with our moss treatment service. This is because moss can effectively “eat” away at the material which makes up your roof, causing it to soften. This will quickly lead to damage and leaks.

How long has it been since you’ve had your roof treated for moss? If it’s been more than three years, you’re overdue – composition roofing materials should have professional moss treatments conducted once every three years. We use a safe, sodium silicate cleaner which we guarantee to keep moss away for at least that long – which is why our moss treatment service for composition roofing comes with a three-year warranty.

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