Gutter Cleaning.

It’s not just inconvenient when your gutters are clogged – did you know that clean, well-functioning gutters will extend the lifespan of your roof?

Gutters are responsible for draining water away from your roof and home. Since we get plenty of rain every year here in Portland, Oregon, the importance of this function cannot be overstated! When water can’t properly drain away from your home, mold, mildew, and a host of other “unwanted guests” can start to take up residence underneath the components of your roof. This can result in expensive repairs becoming necessary – far more expensive than a simple gutter cleaning, which should be part of every homeowner’s regular roof maintenance routine.

With a crew that has over 20 years of experience, NW Home Exteriors takes pride in our gutter cleaning services. We don’t use a blower like other companies tend to do – we want to get the job done right, so we use a gentle pressure washer. We’ll make sure not only the top of your gutters are clear, but we’ll also unclog the downspouts as well. Of course, all debris will be cleared away from  your property before we even think about leaving.

Gutter Guards & Gutter Replacement

Our gutter guards and replacement gutters are available in the styles and sizes you need – we’ll be more than happy to bring you samples. We generally recommend aluminum gutters, since they last over 20 years and won’t rust, however we also have high quality metal gutters that can last up to 25 years. With 5K and 6K varieties available, we have the gutters you need to protect your roof and home.

Learning More

Keeping your gutter drainage system functioning properly is an important part of roof maintenance, especially during Portland’s rainy months. Don’t let the mold creep in – let NW Home Exteriors keep your roof safe. If you’d like to learn more about gutter cleaning or gutter replacement, contact us today at 503-854-7200.

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