Gutter Replacement.

Most homeowners think gutters simply exist to sweep water away from their roof – this is true, but did you know that gutters offer a ton of other home-protecting benefits that you might not have considered?

Your gutters are responsible for protecting your:

  • Roofing (including the inner materials)
  • Foundation
  • Driveway, sidewalk, and other concrete areas
  • Siding
  • Decks and patios
  • …And even your landscaping!

Since it rains frequently and quite heavily in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, replacement gutters are a part of any homeowner’s basic maintenance necessities. Howeer, did you know that some gutters can last over 20 years? We generally recommend aluminum for this area, since it won’t rust. We can also outfit your gutters with gutter guards and offer high quality gutter cleaning services.

Since maintaining a uniform, aesthetically pleasing look is important, we can provide you with replacement gutters that not only match the previous look and material, but offer a number of enhancements. For example, our seamless gutters are gutters made from the same sheet of metal – no more unsightly gutters with less structural integrity.

If you’d like to learn more about how NW Home Exteriors can help you replace gutters for your Portland, Oregon home and in the surrounding areas, please contact us at 503-854-7200.

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