Moss Treatment.

Since Oregon is prone to damp weather conditions, often for an extended period of time, we tend to experience more moss growth on our roofs than in more arid parts of the country. Combine that dampness with some shade from nearby trees or greenery, and you’ve got a near-perfect recipe for moss to start cropping up. Odds are you’ll start seeing it on the northern parts of your home first, but moss can crop up on just about any outdoor structure.

Moss can damage your roof, particularly if it’s been assembled with a shingle material. The moss will “eat” away at the material over time, making it soft and eventually leading to damage and leaks. Moss tends not to grow on metal roofing (though we have seen it) because there isn’t as much moisture available. Most of the time, homeowners are interested in:

  • Cedar shake roof moss removal
  • Composition roof moss removal
  • Tile moss removal

NW Home exteriors offers moss treatment services for most different types of roofing material. Our methods are safe, effective, and come with a warranty – meaning that if you see moss again during the warranty period, we’ll come back out to your house and take care of it.

Don’t let moss “eat” your investment away – click the image below which corresponds with your roofing material to learn more, or call us today at 503-854-7200.

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