Skylight Repair.

Did you know that a leaking or broken skylight is more than just an eyesore?

Problems with a skylight may be endangering not only the interior of your home, but the underlayment of the roof as well. This is because the leak will cause moisture to seep into the inner materials of your roof. This can cause rot or mold damage if left unchecked.

NW Home Exteriors offers both skylight repair and replacement. Whenever possible, we’ll simply repair your currently existing skylight – but chances are if you’re seeing some of the following problems, you may need a full or partial replacement:

  • Visible moisture or dampness on the ceiling (note that the moisture doesn’t always even appear near the skylight)
  • Bubbling, browning, or waterstained drywall
  • Visible cracks in the glass
  • Visible cracks in the framing
  • Drafts of air

It’s sometimes possible that a skylight simply needs sealant. When this is the case, the surrounding area on the roof usually needs to have sealant replaced as well, especially if the shingles near the skylight have open seams. The good news? In these scenarios, replacement is usually not necessary.

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