GAF Warranty.

As a GAF™ System Plus™ contractor, NW Home Exteriors is able to offer GAF’s System Plus™ warranty at no cost to our clients. This COMPLIMENTARY manufacturer warranty protects your roof in the early years as well as down the road. System Plus is a 50 YEAR limited lifetime warranty that covers the entire roofing system and is even transferable.

We will enhance your shingle warranty with the total assurance of System Plus™!

All of GAF’s shingle products used by NW Home Exteriors are covered by the System Plus warranty for 50 years. Under this warranty, GAF, at no charge, will repair or replace, at its option, any shingles proven to be defective for 50 years.

The System Plus Difference

Here’s how System Plus is different from any other coverage. In case of manufacturing defects in GAF shingles during the lifetime (50 years), System Plus protection covers:

100% of materials for 50 years
All shingles required to repair or replace the defective product will be provided free. No exceptions.

100% of labor for 2 years
All labor required to repair defective shingles or apply new shingles to replace the defective shingles will be paid by GAF, based on local fair market value for labor. Costs of flashings, metal work, tear-off and disposal are included for most lines. If a roof was installed improperly it becomes apparent after only a year about 40% of the time. That’s why GAF bulks up to 25 years of coverage with the System Plus warranty. Nw Home Exteriors is committed to installing your roof to the same high standard either way so don’t feel like you need this extra protection unless you see the value it adds in peace of mind.

GAF Ltd. Warranty Comparison Guide*

Base Warranty

System Plus Warranty

Material Defect Coverage
100% Coverage10 yrs.
(3 or 5 yrs. on 3-tab shingles)
50 yrs.
(20 yrs. on 3-tab shingles)
Covers roofing system?Yes, system coverage is availableYes, covers entire system
Cost of installation labor included?10 yrs.
(3 or 5 yrs. on 3-tab shingles)
(25 or 30 yrs. on 3-tab shingles)
Workmanship Coverage*
100% Coverage PeriodNone2 yrs.
(Typical coverage offered by contractor)
Misapplication of certain flashings covered?No2 yrs.
(Typical coverage offered by contractor
Installer certified?No
(Anyone can install)
Tear-off costs included? (when necessary)NoYes
(For material defects only)
Disposal costs included? (when necessary)NoNo
Peace of Mind*
“Maximum” wind coverage up to 130 mph Category 3 hurricane wind speed available?Yes
(Not available for 3-tab shingles)
(Not available for 3-tab shingles)
Warranty transferable?YesYes
Free transfer?YesYes

* Check ltd. warranties for complete coverage and restrictions. Also note:

    • The word “Lifetime” means as long as the original individual owner of a single family detached residence (or the second owner in certain circumstances) owns the property where the shingles are installed. For owners/structures (e.g., a church) not meeting above criteria, Lifetime coverage is not applicable. See limited warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.
    • Installer certification is only for installations covered by GAF system warranties.
  • Maximum wind coverage requires special installation. See limited warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.

See a complete listing of all GAF steep-slope/residential warranty documents.
Check out our warranty FAQ page for more information about GAF product warranties.

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