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  • Only 2% of roofing contractors are certified in Portland Oregon with General Aniline and Film (GAF), North America’s largest roofing manufacturer that dates back to the 1800s?

  • We’re extremely proud to be a member of that elite club. GAF certification isn’t only rare, it’s a “stamp of approval” that instantly tells our customers they’re working with true professionals.

  • In addition to our dedication to excellence, we like to do things a little differently here at NW Home Exteriors, a fact our many satisfied customers can attest to.

Here are few of the highlights:

Family Owned and Operated Roofing Contractors

NW Home Exteriors is a family owned Tualatin roofing company here in Oregon. We are a completely “in house” run company which allows us to offer the highest standards by keeping control over the product that we offer our clients. We make sure that all of our workers and staff are fully educated and certified from our suppliers. This means that we understand the product we use on a high level which helps us explain the value to the customer and install ii in the best way possible to meet that suppliers requirements to keep a warranty.

In House 50 Year Service Warranty

All of our roofing installations on our clients homes come with a fully backed in house 50-year warranty that is fully transferrable to future home owners in the case that you may sell your home. The commercial or residential property will continue to have the same service warranty and coverage regardless of the owner.

No Sub-Contracts

We hold the contracts and we do not sub-contract out our roofing services. All of the work that you receive from us will be done by us and our own in-house staff and workers. This allows us to keep control of the quality work we offer and gives us the chance to pass on the savings to you the home owner. This equals: higher quality at a lower price.

Job Quotes In A Flash

When you call us, we can normally have a full estimate out to you in just 1-5 days after the initial moment you contact us. This quote will be sure to be fully complete and as accurate as possible. You get only one price and one quote so as not to confuse things. Simple and easy. We don’t offer and gimmicks and will not hassle so over a sale so you will know exactly what to expect and where you stand in the process.

Real Assistance From Real People

When you call, you get a real human on the other line and not just some call center that will redirect you until you get lost, or worse yet, a message service. No lengthy voicemails needed with us as we will answer your call 99% of the time. There is a small chance we could be tied up on too many other calls, but we will be sure to cal you right back.

We take all calls from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday – Friday. We are also in the office from 8 AM – 5 PM on Saturdays. We are closed Sundays and will not be available to take any calls.

We are officially one fo Oregon’s fastest growing roofing contractor companies and one of the most trusted companies in our industry for 2017 and 2018.

Give us a call and find out how we can help.

Other companies can sometimes be marketers first and roofers second. Rest assured, we won’t give you a “sales pitch”, when you speak to one of our trained, in house, professionals at Nw Home Exteriors, you’ll enjoy a phone or in person conversation with no-pressure a just one singular goal: to give you the best educate and information.

We take pride in advising our customers on the in’s and out’s when they are considering a roofing investment. We make sure what they are getting is in their best interest, even if  that means that we might lose a sale.

At Nw Home Exteriors, our goal is your complete and total satisfaction.

Please feel welcome to learn more about us, or contact us today through email or by calling (503)-854-7200.

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“NW Home Exteriors did a great job replacing my roof which had a severe leak. Their prices were reasonable and the quality of work was top notch. I highly recommend them for your next construction project.”

Seth ThomasPortland Developer

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