Valley Repair.

Roof valleys can be problem areas. This is because they’re responsible for channeling rainwater, snow, and debris off of your roof – thus they’re more susceptible to wear and tear than other areas of the roof. In many cases, homeowners will experience valley problems concerning:

Worn Underlayment.

Depending on the age of your roof, expecting some wear and tear is normal, However, underlayment material is often not as durable as the roofing material itself, especially if the underlayment isn’t made of flashing.

Frequent expansion and contraction.

Due to our fluctuating temperatures here in Oregon, the materials underneath the roof valley may experience thermal expansion and contraction. If the underlayment begins to wrinkle as a result of this, holes, cracks, and other damage may appear and lead to leaks.

Cross wash.

Cross wash refers to when there’s too much water flowing down the valley – certainly a possibility here – the water has nowhere else to go, so it washes onto the other side of the valley and gets underneath the materials of the roof.

For an example of how NW Home Exteriors can repair your roof, take a look at the video on this page. If you have a leak, we’ll be able to determine why and tell you the best method to repair it. If you’re ready to learn more, please feel free to call us at 503-854-7200 or email us here.

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