Repairing Cedar Shake Roofs Throughout Portland

At NW Home Exteriors, we want you to enjoy your cedar shake roofs for a very long time. We also do everything we can to keep a roof repair project as stress-free as possible. That includes making sure we solve your immediate repair needs and uncovering potential issues that might on the verge of becoming major problems.

Cedar shake is one of the most durable types of roofs you can choose when you live in Portland.

There's a lot to love about having a cedar shake roof. However, cedar shake can break down over time. The fibers that make up cedar shake roofs begin to deteriorate because of sun damage, heat, excessive moisture, and even improper cleaning. When they do, hiring a professional roofing team to handle minor or major repairs is something you should not put off.

Our professional roofers love working on cedar shake roofs. We take cedar shake replacements, repairs, and maintenance very seriously, because we know how much your cedar shake roof can mean to you. We see every repair project as a chance to improve your home, add value, and help you enjoy a more comfortable and stress-free living situation. We are ready to meet and discuss your cedar shake repair needs, then generate a same-day quote for your repair project.

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